How Will You Know If You’re Overweight or Not

How Will You Know If You’re Overweight or Not. The busier our lives get, the more negligent we become regarding our health. We won’t have time to follow diet and nutrition plans until we come to realize that our body weight is already above normal.

There are signs you can identify to know whether you’re overweight or not and these are:

  • Waist measurement.
    Men and women who have waistlines above 40 inches and 35 inches respectively are considered overweight due to excessive fats in the belly and surrounding vital organs.
  • Snoring.
    Excessive fats surrounding your neck might narrow your airways leading to airway obstruction often manifesting as loud snores during sleep.
  • Heartburn.
    When a person is obese, he/she suffers from acid reflux more often. You might experience belching, a bitter taste in your mouth, and even abdominal pain.
  • Chronic fatigue and joint pain.
    Carrying too much weight puts pressure on your joints resulting in pain. When this happens, even simple tasks like tying your shoes become too difficult for you.

Enumerated above are ways to identify if you’re overweight, but if you’re indeed carrying excessive fats in your body, then the real focus should be on how you can achieve weight optimization.

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