Common Reasons Your Diet Is Not Working

Common reasons your diet is not working may contain you are not consistent on your physician advice. Our diet plays an essential role in how we live our lives, and it can be modified based on our wellness goals or health conditions. Unfortunately, no guaranteed diet works in all cases, and if you have been wondering why you are not meeting your wellness goals, understanding how your diet works are essential.

But, before pointing fingers at your diet, you should be specific. It may be that you are already losing weight without realizing it. Establishing precise measures such as weight, calorie count, and so on is essential to get a proper assessment of the situation. When all these numbers are accurately recorded, and the results do not seem to achieve the goal, here are common reasons why the diet may not be working.

  • You are consuming more calories than you are burning.
  • You lack or are not doing resistance training.
  • You are starving yourself and binge-eat later.
  • You are not eating healthy meals.
  • You are setting unrealistic expectations that make the goal more challenging to achieve.

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