Side Effects of Weight Loss Supplements

Side Effects of Weight Loss Supplements. Oftentimes, we take a shorter route in achieving a normal body weight. By resorting to unsupervised weight loss procedures, we tend to put ourselves at greater risks. In connection with this, hereunder are some of the side effects of taking weight loss medication supplements:

  • Oily Discharge.
    Supplements consumed to speed up weight loss cause oily anal discharge. This is particularly an effect of an active ingredient referred to as “Orlistat” found in weight loss supplements.
  • Anxiety.
    Medical weight loss supplements indeed help your metabolism, but concomitant to its positive claim is anxiety as a side effect. Weight loss supplements ironically signal your mind to derail or counter your weight loss goals.
  • Insomnia.
    These supplements extremely disrupt your sleep cycle, keeping you awake all night long which ironically gets your hunger hormones working, making your brain signal your body to eat more.
  • Kidney Stones and Arrhythmia.
    Dieters found out that people who have obesity lack calcium and vitamin D and decided to incorporate them due to baseless claims that calcium intake and vitamin D are linked to weight loss, putting people at risk of Kidney Stones and Arrhythmia, respectively.

VITAL HEALTH MEDICAL CARE, your weight loss service in Rochester, New York, highly discourages you to take a shortcut when it comes to losing weight especially if it involves the consumption of unhealthy supplements because it will just worsen your situation due to painful and disturbing side effects.
If you’re ready to begin your journey towards weight optimization, we are here to guide you in this endeavor through healthy weight loss practices.

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