Some Risks Associated with Obesity

Never starve yourself but instead follow diet and nutrition plans. Keep your food intake in moderation because obesity is a serious medical condition that negatively affects metabolic processes and bodily functions.

For one, excessive weight can cause pregnancy problems. Specifically, it hinders a woman’s ability to become fertile at some point resulting in cases of miscarriage, cardiac dysfunction, and organ damage, among others.

Moreover, when you’re obese, you’re more at risk of high blood pressure. It’s common knowledge that the heart pumps blood throughout the arteries in our bodies. But too much fat causes the heart to pump harder than usual. This extra effort can take a toll on your heart in the long run leading to complications such as heart damage and failure. Finally, you become susceptible to kidney failure and Type 2 Diabetes.

As a provider of weight loss service in Rochester, New York. VITAL HEALTH MEDICAL CARE advises you to begin your weight loss journey under our supervision before it’s too late. The above-mentioned complications due to obesity are just some of the risk factors associated with excessive body fat.

We believe that weight optimization is possible as long as you work hand in hand with experts in this field and that’s us. We have unique and thorough fitness plans ranging from easy to difficult. The level of difficulty you’ll undergo depends on your progress as well as the needs identified in the assessment.

This health and wellness clinic in Rochester is equipped with quality tools and equipment you can utilize on your own or with our assistance. This way, you’ll be able to lose weight and have a healthy body at the same time.

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