Understanding Glucose and Lipids

Understanding Glucose and Lipids also important to know when we pay attention to our health, we learn more about how our body works. While there may be a lot of mechanics in our biology, there are critical aspects one can focus on to achieve their health goals. Let us learn about glucose and lipids in this article.

Glucose is the main energy source for our body’s cells, and we get it from the food we eat. While this is essential for our bodies to function, too much glucose can put our health at risk. For example, extreme levels of glucose may lead to diabetes, weight gain, and other health conditions.

A lipid is a diverse group of organic compounds such as hormones, oils, or fats. There are different types of lipids that have predetermined roles in our bodies. When it comes to obesity and weight gain, dietary lipids are correlated with an increase in body mass index.

Lipids and glucose are essential building blocks to life, but too much of these can lead to health consequences.

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