Conditions That Put You at Risk

Conditions That Put You at Risk. The best way to manage a problem is to prevent it from ever happening. This is especially true when applied to our health. If we could avoid any health issues, we must do so at any cost.

It is therefore important to know about metabolic syndrome which is a group of conditions that contribute to the development of heart disease, stroke, and diabetes in an individual.

  • High levels of blood glucose
  • high blood pressure
  • High levels of the fat type triglyceride in the blood
  • low levels of good cholesterol or HDL
  • too much fat in the waist area

While some of these conditions require medical measurements, keeping an active lifestyle can manage some items. Regular health assessments can help the person become aware of their situation beforehand.

These factors can impact a life by themselves or in existence with other factors. Their impact can also differ from one person to another.

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